International Plantscape Awards Submission
Category: Green Walls
Entrant: Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays
Oak Brook, Illinois
Team: Shannon M, Bravo B, Cesar H, Colette P, Claudia L
Client: Clear Channel
Project Description:
A previous vendor had neglected the green wall, which was meant to replicate the client’s logo. Though we made every attempt to salvage plants, these plants were so overgrown that we had to start from scratch. (The old plants went to a good home – some were even donated for inclusion in animal habitats at Brookfield Zoo!). Any installation has its challenges, but the location of this installation required finger printing and background checks for our installation and ongoing service teams. They don’t let just anyone in the international terminal (Terminal 3 between Concourses K and L) at Chicago O’Hare!

Existing wall was overgrown and the Clear Channel logo had vanished.


Close up of overgrown foliage. This space is filled with natural light and regular pruning is a must!

Layout and design of Clear Channel logo provided by GSky and included a color cod-ed drawing as to where each plant species went. 


Though plants are normally shipped to our facility where they are unpacked, cleaned, and acclimated, these plants were shipped directly from Florida to O’Hare, so that we didn’t have to take hundreds of plants through airport security! We unpacked, cleaned and pruned the plant material on site. In a busy airport we had to make sure we were out of the way and not creating any hazards in the walkway.


Individual plant holders in each tray ensure plants get their own watering and allows for mixing of plant species next to one another without negative im-pact. It also allows for quick replacements.

We installed plant material in the form of the Clear Channel logo. All plant material is 4”. The grow pots set directly into the trays, no direct planting or wicks were needed for this installation.

Epipremnum aureum var. neon, Epipremnum aureum var. marble queen, Ficus elastic var. Burgundy, and Philodendron cordatum var. Brazil were used to create the logo design using the color and texture of the foliage.

Ongoing Maintenance:
The technician services the living wall every other week; pruning, cleaning and monitoring the moisture level of the soil in each 4” grow pot. The automated irrigation makes watering, fertilization, and pest treatments user-friendly and can help minimize water usage. The system is plumbed directly to a water source and is set on a timer to water.









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