Poinsettia Red

Euphorbia pulcherrima


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A perennial holiday staple, the traditional Red Poinsettia is sure to bring the joy of the season into your space. These festive plants do best in warm, but not hot spaces and prefer bright indirect light, though they can tolerate lower light conditions. They like their soil to remain moist, but are prone to overwatering and don't like to completely dry out either.

Sensitive to cold and drafts, be sure to keep your poinsettia away from drafty doors or windows and protect it in a plant bag if it has to be transported outside in cold weather. The delicate foliage can also tear easily and will emit a milky white latex, so be sure to keep this colorful plant out of high traffic areas. If you have pets in your space, poinsettias must be kept away from them as the plant is considered toxic to animals.


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