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Form + Function

  Any green wall will enhance the aesthetics of a space, but the Nedlaw Living Walls line is the only living wall (also known as green wall) system that actually does some work for you (or more precisely your HVAC). The green wall shown above, which we installed in...
A Makeover Story

A Makeover Story

Our team received an International Plantscape Award in the Major Renovation category. You can read the details and see the results of this stunning atrium makeover below. Category:  Major Renovation Entrant:  Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays                   ...

Starting the Year off with a Win!

In January Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays team members Jan P (Project Manager) and Sue Z (Project Consultant) received the Platinum International Plantscape Award during the Tropical Plant International Expo for their work on the Oakton Community...

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