Congratulations Adriana C!

Adriana has worked as a Horticulture Technician at Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays and has now been promoted to downtown Chicago Account Manager, taking over for Diana D, who has taken an exciting new role in the horticulture industry. Some of Adriana’s existing clients have already heard the news and have reached out to let us know how happy they are to hear of her promotion. We know the other clients who will be meeting Adriana for the first time as their Account Manager will appreciate the knowledge, energy, and customer-focused attention she brings to her new role at Phillip’s!





How the Change of Weather Can Affect Your Indoor Plants

According to Adriana, we aren’t the only ones who are adjusting to the cooler, drier air as the fall days become shorter. Chicago office plants are also adjusting, though unlike us they don’t have the luxury of going home and throwing on their Comfies! During the course of our corporate plant maintenance visits lately, we are seeing the effects of the change of season on Chicago rental plants and plants owned by the client that fall under our Guaranteed Maintenance Service. Our Horticulture Technicians receive ongoing training to ensure we provide the best care to interior plants Chicago regardless of season. 

With the heat on, our crisp autumn air becomes even more dry indoors. which results in office plant maintenance service Chicago technicians increasing the amount of water given to the plants. Your Horticulture Technician may even suggest moving certain plants away from drafty doors and windows to prevent cold damage and ensure your office plants continue to thrive all season long. Additionally, you may notice some temporary yellow or brown spots on your leaves. Rest assured we will monitor this on our bimonthly (two times a month) maintenance visits. 

For Chicagoland plants at home, we recommend moving plants to a spot with good light and away from drafty areas and heaters. Too much dry heat is just as detrimental to a plant as too much drafty air. If possible, consider placing a humidifier near your plants. To ensure the plants are receiving enough water, check the soil frequently and adjust your watering routine accordingly. 






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