Laurels are beautiful, but we don’t rest on them! Our team of horticulture experts is always looking for ways to improve, and each spring we send out a survey to all of our customers. We reevaluate the questions each year so that we can best address the changing needs of our clients, but there is one question in the mix that is a constant. It’s the last question we ask. Some customers skip it. Others provide us with the valuable constructive feedback we want. And then there are those clients who, when asked “What is one thing that we could do better?” say things like this…

Nothing. We love Phillip’s!

Can’t think of anything at this time! We are very pleased with the service that Phillip’s has provided. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

I can’t imagine any area of Phillips that would need improvement. We have been very pleased in working with our Account Manager and her team as well as the folks who deliver plants. Everyone is pleasant, very helpful, and just great to work with. We look forward to their next visit!

I can’t think of any issues we have. Everyone is friendly and keeps the plants well-maintained.

I can’t think of anything. I am happy with Phillip’s and the staff just the way they are.

You ask me this regularly, and I have no suggestions. Keep doing what you are doing!

I am satisfied with product and staff.

Not sure. I am pleased with the experience and everyone involved.

Not a thing! I have had phenomenal service and interactions with all of our Phillip’s connections.

Our technician does a super job. She is reliable and keeps us informed.

None. We are satisfied!

I am happy with Phillip’s service over the past year and look forward to our continued relationship.

Not a thing. Great team to work with!

I think everything is going well. I am not sure anything could be better for us!

Our company is extremely satisfied with the service provided by Phillip’s.

Keep on doing what you already do so well – deliver a product, awesome service, and people who care!

Fantastic service! We love Phillip’s! I did not realize you offered so many other services.

We appreciate all you do for us.

Keep up the great work. Plant material is always excellent.

I am happy with our hort tech.

All of my contacts with Phillip’s have been professional and helpful. From the weekly maintenance to asking for help with appearance or cost savings has been extremely helpful. Very pleased!

It is a pleasure to work with Phillip’s.

In my opinion, there is nothing that needs to be improved. It’s all good😊

Very pleased with the quality of service provided by Phillip’s.

Nothing, all is great!

No improvement needed!

Nothing. You guys are amazing.

Things are going very well already…thank you

Very satisfied on your current service you provide

Nothing! We have the best team! No complaints.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with your team. Thank you for everything.

Keep up the great work!

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Everything is good!

I am really satisfied with our relationship with Phillip’s and our Account Manager. She’s been amazing to work with, super responsive, and excellent all around.

I can’t think of anything. We receive fantastic service and value. We are very satisfied.

I like how everything is going. Nothing comes to mind!

I really can’t think of anything. Our deliveries are great, and I can even ask the delivery team questions when they bring plants, and they are so friendly along with the weekly associate that comes. She is cheerful and helps with any questions and always tells me to let her know when I have concerns or questions. We always look forward to new plants arriving.

Let me buy your plants for my house. LOL. Everything is perfect!

Nothing! We are doing wonderfully in our new location with our longtime Phillip’s hort team.

Nothing – you always go above and beyond.

Can’t think of anything. Our service provider is exceptional.

Our partnership with Phillip’s has been great the entire time!

Doing great! Thanks for the care!

You are doing a great job. Thank you.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Continue hiring good people and teaching them to do the same!

Not a thing. We appreciate your team.

I don’t see anything that needs to be done!

We are totally happy with our relationship with Phillip’s and enjoy working with all of your staff responsible for our account.

Nothing – our team does a fantastic job! Thanks for all you do to make our space look beautiful!

I like Phillip’s just the way they are. Perfect!

Really not sure. Thank you Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays.

Nothing! We love our happy plants from Phillip’s!

Doing great!

Nothing! Keep up the great work! We appreciate all of your support.

We are very happy with our service. Continue the great work.

We are satisfied with Phillips and their staff, and really can’t think of anything we’d like to see Phillip’s doing better. Thank you for all you do for us!

It is our pleasure to work with you.

Our technician has only been with us for a few months, but he’s doing an excellent job. We’re very happy with the service he provides.

I absolutely love the professionalism of the team member selected for our location. She makes a consistent effort to communicate all the changes that are needed if any.

We are very happy with the service and the quality of the plants.

We have been with Phillip’s for over 20 years and the reason is the customer service and staff. Outstanding.

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