We are pleased to offer another holiday season of festive Chicago office plants and Chicago Poinsettias, available to both new and existing customers! Our Poinsettia growers are local and family-owned businesses, whose roots in the industry go back many generations. Just like ours!

Phillip’s Interior Plants also offers commercial plant maintenance service in the form of our optional Guaranteed Maintenance Service to keep your live Christmas plants looking their best. Our uniformed Horticulture Technicians receive annual Poinsettia training and are able to adapt their care techniques to the needs of the current year’s crop.

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Love Poinsettias, but have trouble getting them to thrive? Talk to one of our interior plant consultants about adding replica, or artificial Poinsettias to your seasonal holiday decor. The high-quality artificial Poinsettia reproduction features detailed veining in its realistic appearing green leaves and various colored bracts. A bract is a small leaf that sprouts from the axils and produces a flower.

Order early for the best selection of Poinsettias in Chicago. Plants are a festive way to bring life into any space. And like all plants Poinsettias and holiday plants have many benefits when incorporated into the workspace.


The Poinsettia’s holiday popularity might be based on a Mexican legend. Or it might be due to the horticultural skills of the Ecke Family.  In 1900 a German immigrant named Albert Ecke was so taken with the bright red bracts of the plant that only blossomed in the winter that he began selling Poinsettias on the roadsides of Southern California as “the Christmas Plant.” That humble start lead to a multi-generational family operation. Though there were other growers, the Eckes pioneered a technique that grew a hardier variety of Poinsettia that had more blooms and could arrive intact after shipping. Today approximately 100 million Poinsettias are sold each year, and for many, evoke the warmth and happiness of the holidays.

There are currently more than 100 varieties of Poinsettias available from growers around the globe. Poinsettias come in a variety of colors including white, cream, apricot, pink, yellow, red, purple, green, and salmon.  Millennial pink is even an option from some growers! There are also marbled versions of the Poinsettia that include everything from a subtle ivory/soft pink combination to a striking fuchsia/white combination.

Looking for something even more celebratory for the season? We are Chicago’s preeminent interior holiday decorating service. That’s right, we are professional Christmas tree decorators. Check out our gallery for Chicago office lobby holiday decorations. Give us a call anytime to talk about commercial holiday decorations Chicago!  


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