Gnat Control Practices for Office Plants

It’s unfortunate but true: Gnats can enter a work space through living plants. They live and breathe in the plant soil – a challenging problem for plant companies to eliminate and a definite nuisance for you.

At Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays, our plant services include the proactive treatment all of each plant that arrives at our facility, to prevent gnat larvae from developing. We are a green-certified company, so we’ve developed our own pesticide-free gnat control procedure.

Gnat Control Procedures

First, it’s helpful to know that gnats are attracted to the color yellow. That’s why all new plants are delivered in the field with a sticky yellow monitoring card discretely placed in the plant container. The gnats are drawn to the yellow cards, where they get stuck – allowing us to identify where a gnat population may be living.

Next, we spray the surface of the soil in the contaminated container with a nematode solution. Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that eat gnat larvae. Nematodes are natural products and are safe for users, consumers and the environment. The nematodes control the gnat population and the nuisance is gone!

Our gnat control system is safe and effective…and keeps our customers happy.
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