Green Certification

We don’t just bring green into your space – we’re green about how we do it!

Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays is proud to be Illinois’ first Green Earth – Green Plants Certified interior plantscaping company. This means that we only use sound, eco-friendly horticulture practices to care for your plants. To achieve this certification, plantscaping companies are evaluated on every area of their operations:

Horticulture Practices

We are a chemical pesticide-free company, which means that we care for your plants using natural, eco-friendly methods that are safe for both you and the environment. We also choose to use materials that are friendly to the environment, utilizing reusable cloths to groom plants and opting for natural and renewable topdressings to ensure your plants will look beautiful without a cost to the environment.

Green Certification


We attempt to minimize our impact on the environment by conserving fuel and decreasing emissions as much as possible. By utilizing a 14-day maintenance schedule for the majority of our accounts and optimizing service routes, we are able to ensure efficient trips for our technicians. Techs are also encouraged to go directly to and from their service accounts without the need to stop by the warehouse, and many take advantage of public transportation to reach their accounts. We also support a hybrid work environment that encourages administrative and managerial staff to work from home part of the week, helping to reduce the need for transportation to the office.

Facility Management

Biophilic design is at the heart of what we do, so of course we demonstrate this in our own facility! We have plants in every office area, not only beautifying spaces for our employees, but helping to purify and remove VOCs from the air. We also use our exterior spaces to make an impact! We seek to support our local natural habitat by fostering the growth of indigenous wildflowers throughout our exterior landscaping.

Green Certification

Recycling & Reuse

While we recycle paper, plastic, and many other common materials within the office, our warehouse also works to keep plant material out of landfills. We often find a way to give a second life to retired plants through donations to non-profits and other organizations. Plants for which donation is not a viable option, along with all other plant debris, are disposed of through a plant waste bin designated for composting, rather than being tossed in with landfill-bound waste. We also choose to utilize recycled products where we can – our main container line is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, while the foamboard we utilize is the only XPS foam on the market to utilize PCR materials.

Staff Education

To ensure our technicians stay up-to-date on the latest plant care and green practices, we offer regular in-house workshops and meetings on everything from pest & disease identification to the benefits of indoor plants. Not only does this mean better care for your plants, but it helps reduce potential waste by minimizing the need for replacements or the use of pest control products.

Green Certification

Social Responsibility

We are always looking for ways in which we can share the beauty and joy of plants with those in our community. In collaborating with Brookfield Zoo, we are able to give retired plants a second life in their animal habitats. We have also donated plants to a variety of other local organizations such as women’s shelters and non-profits supporting individuals experiencing homelessness. We’ve even had the opportunity to share our passion for plants with future generations, facilitating a garden club at a local elementary school where kids get the chance to work with plants directly and learn the importance of cultivating nature in our living spaces.