Bring the Benefits of Plants into Your Workspace

Why Biophilic Design is the Heart of What We Do

bio·​phil·​ia (noun) – the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature

There’s a reason people enjoy spending time outdoors. Humans have an innate need to experience nature. But in a world increasingly spent inside cubicles and enclosed spaces, we can often miss out on this experience and all the benefits it has to offer.

From air quality to productivity, plants bring so many benefits into the spaces we live in. That’s why we strive to reconnect people with nature by bringing the outdoors in. Through our interior landscaping services, Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays is proud to focus on biophilic designs that provide our clients with the best conditions for a healthy, beautiful interior environment.

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Plants Improve Indoor Environments

By improving the spaces in which we live and work, plants make our buildings and homes healthier

Countless studies, including the NASA Clean Air Study, have demonstrated the effectiveness of house plants in improving air quality. The presence of green plants has been found to remove common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, including:

  • benzene (found in tobacco smoke, synthetic fibers, plastics, rubber products, inks, and dyes)
  • trichloroethylene (found in adhesives, dry cleaning, inks and dyes, paints, paper products, and varnishes)
  • formaldehyde (found in carpeting, cleaners, foam insulation, furniture, paper products, plywood, and particle board).

But beyond just removing VOCs from the air, green plants also reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels. Plants balance air humidity and regulate temperature. Plants even absorb sound to reduce noise levels.

Plants Boost Emotional Wellbeing

Plants don’t just make the spaces you live and work in better, they make you feel better, too.

All of these improvements that plants can provide to your physical environment actually lead to an overall improvement in comfort levels. By improving air quality, reducing noise, and regulating air temperature and humidity, people are more comfortable in the spaces they are living and working in.

As overall comfort levels improve, people tend to become happier as they experience better focus, heightened creativity, and increased attentiveness. But the emotional benefits of plants don’t stop there. In addition to these increases in positive behaviors, plants have also been shown to reduce stress, fear, anxiety, and anger.

Plants Increase Productivity

So what does this boost in mood and physical well being mean?

The combined effect of these physical and emotional factors lead to an increase in worker productivity. Through the addition of plants and additional aspects of biophilic design, these factors work to create an increase of 15% in productivity, just by bringing some nature into your space!

But the benefits don’t stop there. Not only are plants correlated with the increased mood and satisfaction of workers, but they’ve also been shown to reduce Sick Building Syndrome and minimize the number of work days missed by employees.

To find out even more about the benefits plants can provide, check out this infographic on The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace.

Plants Make Your Space More Appealing

Plants are good for you, of course, but they make you look good, too!

Looking to make your space more interesting to guests and visitors? Lush green interiorscapes will make your space feel welcoming and inviting. A beautiful display of flowers will catch the eye. Overall, the presence of plants will create a more unique experience for everyone who visits your space.

And not only does the presence of plants encourage people to visit your space, it tends to keep them coming back. Plants have also been connected to tenant and employee retention.

Plants are amazing! They do more than just make you look good, they make people feel good. For those who seek a clean, healthy, and beautiful work environment, plants are simply essential. To learn more about the role plants play in healthy buildings, visit the Green Plants for Green Buildings website or their report on The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace.