Watch us as we install a 22′ X 6′ living wall, also known as a green wall or living wall at a Chicagoland site. It took six team members 12 hours over the course of two days to complete the installation, cleaning up as they went, and providing minimal disruption to our client’s daily operations.  Ultimately the completed Chicago living wall held 299 Pothos plants, 150 Hermagraphis, 113 Nepthytis, 90 Austral gem and 90 Ficus for a total of 742 plants. The wall continues to thrive, receiving expert service as part of Phillip’s Guaranteed Maintenance Service.

Phillip’s Interior Plants & Displays offers Chicago’s best interior plant design and maintenance. Whether you are looking for individually placed desk, tabletop, and floor plants to fill your space, living walls or green walls, custom moss wall art, artificial plants, or any of our other offerings or services, we will provide you with the expertise to bring life and beauty to your space.